“In meticulous detail, Sangita Phadke portrays larger than life fruit, vegetables, and flowers in the limelight, showcasing the reality and glory of nature. Her paintings are elegantly formal, theatrically lit and spectacularly realistic. With loving consideration and faithful precision, she describes every dimple on a glistening orange, the subtle nuances of color blushing across a white rose petal, or a gleaming water droplet ready to slide down the flesh of a shimmering red fig.  – The Pastel Journal


Sangita Phadke is a self taught artist from Colts Neck, NJ.  Her award winning paintings have hung in some of the most prestigious museums, galleries, and private collections across America and around the world, including The United States Embassy, the San Diego Art Institute, the Butler Institute of American Art, The National Arts Center in Taipei Taiwan, and The Art Gallery of Hamilton Ontario.


Sangita grew up in the Chicago suburbs and graduated with a degree in finance from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  She soon realized that her true calling was to tell stories through art. In a short period of time, she became one of the youngest artists to receive the designation of “Master Pastel Painter.”  In 2009, Southwest Art Magazine named her as one of the top 21 artists world-wide under the age of 31. Her work has been featured in American Art Collector, The Artist’s Magazine, Pratique des Arts (France), The Pastel Journal, Les Maitres du Pastel (France), International Artist Magazine, and Southwest Art Magazine.


Sangita  has captured the eyes of collectors with her ability to turn ordinary subjects into extraordinary works of art. Hidden in her paintings are stories that give life to her artwork.  A group of apricots become a family posing for a portrait, a curvy pear becomes an actor taking a bow on stage, and a single sunflower becomes a symbol of hope. Through her creativity, her undeniable talent,  and her eternal passion for art, Sangita continues to create inspiring and compelling paintings.

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